Optimisation credit
Metadata credit
0,19 *
0,22 $*
0,17 £*
0,01 *
0,0116 $*
0,009 £*
*Euro pricing is the base for conversion on the daily spot exchange rate of the invoice date.
Payment system
All OptiwAI functionalities
API connectivity for customer integration
DropBox and Google Drive integration
Storage 1H unlimited
Multi-language user interface
Customised workflow
Pixel resolution
as you go
Start now!
Pre paid credits, credit card charge
Up to 20 Mpx
Start now!
Postpaid with monthly invoicing
Up to 80 Mpx
OptiwAI customization
Design Services
Outsourcing Services
Case specific calculation, based on volume, integration features and work complexity
*Prices quoted do not include any sales taxes or other taxes measured by sales imposed by a country, state, city governments or subdivisions thereof.
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