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Stick with the tools that works best for you.

Effortless and powerful integration options are available for all OptiwAI users without any additional costs.

Use OptiwAI built-in integration with Dropbox or Google Drive services or over 1500+ apps via Zapier platform.

For your personal customised needs use powerful and well documented OptiwAI API with native support and packages for many programming languages.


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OptiwAI is available at Zapier platform. The Zapier integration toolkit allows to connect over 1500+ applications avilables worldwide and build own workflow scenarios limited inly with the imagination of the creator.

With this integration option OptiwAI enables the use of the power of AI in image enhancement even with more ease and makes possible to use it even without deep technical and programming knowledge, opening for wide range of entry-level users and customers.

Learn more about the technical detailshttps://zapier.com/apps/optiwai/integrations

Benefits for the customers’ using or willing to use Zapier as the integration platform includes:

  1. Out of the box integrations with leading platforms and online applications without need for programming skills or building own software for the purpose. Zapier offers easy to learn yet versatile and flexible editor which enable to enhance your photo content already stored in the cloud with OptiwAI in easy steps.
  2. Use of Zapier reduces expensiveness of software development and integration efforts make it available for smaller entities without professional programmers, enables also to make the integration to be better fit with customizations that can be delivered even without IT knowledge.
  3. Zapier OptiwAI integration reduces the maintenance cost, as the Zapier and Deeplai team will take care of updating API, making it work and be always up-to-date without need to rebuild or change anything on the customer’s side.
  4. Integrate with online services and applications with customized workflows using variables and custom sequences to deliver more complex scenarios and merge multiple services underneath single action.
  5. Secure and protect your data and exchange channels with build-in authentication and tokens – forget about remembering many logins and passwords. The integration uses encryption between applications (secure http) to ensure no data can be stolen or compromised between endpoints.


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Dropbox is a widely known great cloud-based solution built for individuals and a team that enables them to save and store documents or files or pictures across the cloud and the same can be shared with others as needed.
You can easily connect your Dropbox folders directly with the OptiwAI system now. Usage of OptiwAI was never so simple before. You can just copy your files to one of the Dropbox folder (input) and see them automatically after being processed at a second folder (output). Simple and powerful.

Google Drive

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Google Drive is a file storage and synchronization service developed by Google. It allows users to store files on their servers, synchronize files across devices, and share files. Google Drive encompasses Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides, which are a part of an office suite that permits collaborative editing of documents, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings, forms, and more.

Files created and edited through the office suite are saved in Google Drive.

You can easily connect your Google Drive folders directly with the OptiwAI system now. Usage of OptiwAI was never so simple before. You can just copy your files to one of the Google Drive folder (input) and see them automatically after being processed at a second folder (output). Simple and powerful.


optiwai multiple systems api integration

Dedicated integration functionality with multiple systems

Through open API enabling full integration with one or more systems for achieving productivity and performance scalability, as well as redundancy.

All registered users have full access to API documentation, installation packages and ready to use examples built-in inside your account.

API usage examples on your account are shown in a different programming languages like: Java Script, PHP, Python, Ruby, Java, C# and with additional generic example.

No matter you use Web interface or dedicated API the process is very fast and efficient and for end users it looks like:
Uploading image -> Automated quality optimisation by AI powered technologies -> Downloading image.

Web App Access

optiwai web app webbrowser interface access

Web interface allows you to access all OptiwAI benefits

Pay as you go option means no commitment – use it as and when needed and as many times as you want it.

You may subscribe for long term use.

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